The Druidic Council

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Even from the ashes of devastation, seeds will sprout into saplings and the sapling will one day become the mighty oak.

And so was the rise of the Druidic Council. The Druids of Edrilyn worshipped no god other than nature itself. While there were nature gods that they respected, they understood that the power of the land did not stem from them, but from the trees and bushes and insects and rivers themselves. So when they were slain, the druids were unaffected by the chaos.

Many were sympathetic to the plight of the people around them, but preferred to remain out of the conflict as was the way – as it always had been. Yes, the earth burned, but that is sometimes the way of things. And so it should have remained, and one would have thought that Rallyn’s balance would have suited the druidic way just fine, once it was all said and done.

However, the balance was quickly upset. With no healers or clerics out in the world, Edrilyn quickly began to suffer a great plague which decimated an enormous percent of the population. There was a lot of speculation as to whether it was natural or the doings of arcane madmen, but either way, the world was in peril.

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One young druid, Dirawin, convinced the druids to step in and bring the healing power of nature to the people of Edrilyn. The people were grateful to the druids, and many viewed them as saviors. Dirawin could have followed the old ways and simply returned to the forest, but instead decided to encourage the people to leave the cities and take to the natural lands, and many followed. As a result, many of the great cities of Edrilyn are now overgrown – overtaken by nature.

He also formed the Druidic Council – a group of 24 druids of importance who governed the decisions and positions that the now ‘important’ druids were beginning to make. No longer were they a neutral and balancing force, but almost a de-facto governing body. The power of the druids is unquestionable – there is no other reliable source of healing magics. Whether they like it or not, all political entities throughout the lands have a certain amount of fealty to the Druidic Council.

For this reason, there are many who are mistrustful of the Druids, and their leader Dirawin. While over 125 years old now, he seems to have found the ability to extend his life through his powerful link to nature. A human, he is rumored to still appear relatively young. Some have rumored that he has somehow surpassed the limits of druidic magic itself.

Dirawin has no love for The Justicars of The Mark, and has issued a standing order to all peoples of Edrilyn: bring all Justicars to him, dead or alive.

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The Druidic Council

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