Alex Dixson

A sixty something grey beared man wearing a green leather cloak and a stout walking staff


Mr Dixon is known the high stakes gaming world, and in the business ventures of the local warlords. outside of these interests he is only known by his namesake in the villages of Pipes Plenty, Lichenvale, the Dixon quarry and among the merchants in several major trading areas.

Around the campfire he told a story of the first time Alex met Nymeria. “It is the little things, one remembers” as he remarked upon the tips of her ears. he interrupted her hunt, and offered to pay her for the meat she would lose in escorting them to the clearing they were looking for. Ironically, this was where she and her fellows had set up a permanent camp to escape the stigma of their mixed blood. Her memory, and rage at being distrubed always stuck in his mind, and it was the first of many meetings, that led to love.

An accomplished huntswomen, she held together a group of protectors deep in the woods. Combined with some lumber interests, they eventually provided protection for the village that became Pipe’s Plenty.

Alex Dixson

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