The Elemental Council

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Just as the power of Nature is now waxing in the absence of the Gods, so too the Elemental forces have regained their once frightening influence. Four elemental lords have risen to prominence and have loosely banded together to form the Elemental Council. With such chaotic and primal personalities, however, they only rarely formally meet. They mostly take only a passive role in the current events of the land and serve as a balancing force in times of extremes.

The Lords are worshiped by lesser elemental creatures and followed by those who believe that the time of the Gods is over, and the time of the Elemental Forces is at hand once more. Many people believe the Lords are here to re-assert the once dominant elemental reign. And in the Gods collective absence, many have turned again to worshiping these once ‘pagan’ beliefs.

Ramarq-du’iel (air)Air

The air elemental known as Ramarq-du’iel was long the prisoner of the sultans of The Ocean of Fire. When the genie was forced to turn the lands into a scorching hell,
Ramarq-du’iel fought him for control of the great desert. For a year the two titans
battled and further shattered the land. The accursed Genie proved to be more than a
match for the Elemental Lord, however, so Ramarq-du’iel fled into the mountains where
he stumbled upon a portal. Not much is known about the portal, but rumors abound,
that Ramarq used it to summon the 3 other Elemental Lords and together they formed
the ‘Elemental Council’.

Goals/Beliefs: The weather and the creatures of the air are things to be respected.
Nothing is permanent – even the mighty mountains give way to the dominance of air.

Domorn the Dweller (earth)Earth

Many believe that Ramarq found a portal in the mountains – but the portal was
kept by Domorn the Dweller. Together, the 2 Elemental Lords opened the portal
and created the Elemental Council. The Dweller claims to have been in those
very mountains since the beginning of Time. There he has welcomed the worship
of the early peoples, has seen the rise and fall of the Gods, and has come
forward again as a symbol of things past.

Goals/Beliefs: The elemental forces are the one constant on this world. They have
seen their worship flourish, die, and now flourish again. Domorn is the
mountain – the stalwart bastion of unchanging ways.

Xanafir (fire)Fire

Xanafir was the first to answer the portal’s call. With a lust for revenge upon the mortals
of the world, Xanafir began a fiery campaign of destruction when he first arrived. And
just like in the days before the Gods, the people began to worship the Elemental Lord
out of fear. This suited Xanafir well and he eventually took his seat on the Elemental

Goals/Beliefs: Fire is the one true destructive force – it has no rivals. Whether it be to
eradicate ones enemies, or to burn away the last vestiges of the Old Gods – Fire has come
to the land as a cleansing force.

Illanithel (water)Water

The maiden of the sea. She was once the goddess of the sea – but then the Gods arrived.
A new Goddess of the sea was named and Illanithel was reduced to a mere Elemental
Lord. For several millennia she stewed in her elemental plane of Water. When the portal
opened, she was more than ready to answer the call. Immediately upon arriving, she
took up her old mantle and the men of the sea began to fear and worship her again.

Goals/Beliefs: Water is the true cleansing force on this world. The ways of the Gods
are no more. Respect nature and the prime elemental forces and you have a place on
this world.

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The Elemental Council

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