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Geography & Climate: Brynfarthing is a cold land of scraggy plains, shrub-forests, and
low moors. To the south, the Brynstone Mountains form a buffer from the warm winds
of The Ocean of Fire. To the north lies the deep-blue water of the Icewing Sea. The
southeastern region of Brynfarthing is much milder than the rest of the area, in part to
the scorching sands of the Ocean of Fire. Milder Moors and a few swamps lay scattered
throughout the eastern and south-eastern regions.

‘2 Copper’ History Lesson: Not much is known of Brynfarthing’s early history –
mostly because it have never really been truly ‘civilized’. Instead, throughout the
centuries, Brynfarthing’s fate has been controlled by the state of its warring clans and
tribes of humans, orcs, and lizardfolk.

Every twenty years or so, a charismatic or powerful (or both) leader emerges to unite
the clans and ultimately Brynfarthing. However, the unification is usually short-lived
and bloody. Not quite 30 years ago, such a leader emerged – a half-orc named Thakol.
He came dangerously close to unifying the scattered tribes and forcing the world to
recognize Brynfarthing as a legitimate nation. Midchantry went so far as to form a semi-
official military – of sorts – and they sent their forces to patrol the border.

Eventually, however, Thakol’s movement lost steam and Brynfarthing resorted to its
usual warring mess. A traveler today can enter Brynfarthing and see it much as it existed
100 or even 1000 years ago.

Brynfarthing’s neighbors don’t see enough of worth inside its borders to justify invasion
– which is probably the best reason it has never been invaded. The other reason being
Brynfarthing’s ‘big brother’, Elkenguard.

The two areas were once joined by a semi-fertile land-bridge. Both peoples cooperated
to cultivate the land and in some history books are referred to as the same nation.
However, some sort of natural disaster separated the two lands – and the people followed
suit. The people of Elkenguard become great sailors and explorers… while the people of
Brynfarthing reverted to the less civilized ways of their ancestors. Elkenguard still views
Brynfarthing as their ancestral ‘home’ of sorts, however… and nobody knows if they
would commit to arms if it was threatened.

Inspiration for Setting & Characters:

  • The 13th Warrior (movie)

Eastern Brynfarthing:
Eastern brynfarthing

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