Eruërthiel's Attempt at Journelling

After resting from the whole bandit incident, we were finally able to put Nizbin to rest. Alas, there was no time to grieve before we had to be on the move again, we had to reach the next port city to catch a boat to the Bardic College. We must find Mira, and save her from what ever trouble she has gotten herself into!

Upon entering the plains, Bearclaw caught site of lights moving along in the dark. We ignored it till the next night, when upon investigation we realized these fiery creatures were watching us. One had gotten close to camp in the middle of the night, and I chased in pursuit calling my horse, Philly, from the camp to quickly catch up with it, who had escaped into the river by boat. I was able to stall him enough to let the others catch up, but in doing so I am yet again risking letting this group of strangers know what I really am…

Mauler, after battling with what seemed like his first swim, rendered the boat unusable with his fist. Bearclaw was able to pull the boat in and we captured this man with strange powers of fire. Alex proceeded the interrogation when the man became conscious. He is some zealot for some creature named Zanafear, possibly one of these ancient elementals from fairy tales of before the gods. Mauler decided to break this man’s leg, thinking he would talk more freely, I felt it a bit unnecessary… He did then speak also of a dark mistress, whom he could not really describe, but they [his cult] also take orders from as she is close with Zanafear. After that he just kept speaking nonsense about burning the world down. Alex made the decision to silence him… What is Mira involved in? Who is this dark mistress and Zanafear?! I hope Mira is ok and that we can rescue her..

We finally made it to the port town, where we picked up some supplies and rest. The next day Alex ran into an old friend and i managed to pick up a supposed enchanted dagger. The poor black smith must have been in some hard times to tell such a story, but he was such a nice gentleman. We then caught a boat and made it fairly quickly to the city of the Bardic College. We ran into a bard at the tavern we stayed at. He was acquainted with Nizbin, and told us of his son and his goals… I had never known about Nizbin’s son. Alex highered the bard to make a song in memorial for Nizbin, and he offered to take us to Dermunde tomorrow, where maybe we can finally start placing this puzzle together.

Eyildir's Journal - 9/9/12

We rescued the mayor’s daughter.

After seeing the bandits react to the “real” Bearclaw, Mauler et al – a plan formed in my mind. It was something I read from when the Valkyrie Hyrime tricked the frost giant clan Bloodwinter. Well, perhaps not exactly the same (Hyrime used stilts and yak hides… many, many yak hides), but you get the idea.

After combating a patrol where I guess the old man called down lightning. I thought it was me at first, but I didn’t feel anything like before. It must have been the old man – he is a wizard, most likely. Very confusing.


We sent Eruërthiel, Bearclaw and the Mauler into the cave as themselves – with a warning about the incoming druid. In the chaos they collected the mayor’s daughter and fled to where we were waiting. Apparently it didn’t go too smoothly, as several of them were injured. The mauler even appeared to suffer a headwound which made him delirious.

After returning Mary to town, the imposters were executed, our new “friends” were completely cleared of any crimes. Mary wanted to leave her home since there was nothing left for her. I shall take her under my wing and teach her the proper ways of combat. If she is to travel, she must know how to handle a sword, axe and armor.

Eyildir's Journal - 8/26/12

Trying to goad the dwarf into a worthwhile argument is akin to ice-skating uphill. He just isn’t as hot-headed as my brothers – now they were always good for a rife tussle of words and fists (if we got really animated).

Anyway, I convinced the dwarf to go through the swamp on our way north just to get a rise out of him. To my dismay, he didn’t care which route we took… and he even seemed intrigued by the trek thru the dingy marsh.

We quickly discovered that the swamp was alive with angry, ambitious lizardmen hunting anything without scales. Needless to say, we quickened our pace north. That’s when we came across a battered group of travelers much in the same predicament.

Strength in numbers led us to join forces and leave the accursed marsh at our backs. Heilen “Wound Mender” reached into his pockets to bribe a group of lizard men on our way out – the warlord’s employ was certainly good to the both of us while it lasted.

Anyway, we made our way to a hamlet where Murzol / The Mindless Mauler, Nizbin, Eruërthiel Smith and Bearclaw were implicated in a slew of serious crimes upon the town. While Heilen “Wound Mender” was quick to jump to their defense (as he always does), I cautioned him that the townsfolk should be taken seriously – we had just met the group, after all. Who knows what secrets they held?

Well, the frost giant’s breath was on our necks, as it were, as a driud strolled into town to put them all on trial. Not wanting to get on the wrong side of a druid’s wrath, I offered my assistance to unearthing the truth of things.

After a fire lit by what appeared to be imposters, we chased down the culprits into the forest and defeated them soundly. Luckily, 2 survived for questioning. I’m sure Bearclaw and the rest would want to learn why someone would go to so much trouble to frame them in some tiny, out-of-the-way hamlet. Strange.

The imposters seemed to be operating from a cave nearby and we are off to potentially save the dead mayor’s daughter. If I’m to take what I’m reading seriously, I should help an innocent in need – so off I go. Again. Hopefully it ends better than the last daughter of note I attempted to rescue from evil men.

Along the road and lizardman politics
It's easier to fight those who don't know there is a fight

We are about to depart when an old man approaches. I so old and looking past his road years that I thought he might be the stablemaster. It turns out that, Alex is another friend of the tragic couple who arrived late and was spared the fate of the rest like us. He needs some company on the road and Murzol is only too happy to shake him down for his abundant coin so, he joins on our way to the Bardic College. It does not escape me that he spends it as freely as I sometimes do.

Eruërthiel seems transfixed on the pack animals as we travel so we make good speed and travel relatively quiet aside from Murzol’s blathering and the occasional indecent pearls of wisdom that Nizbin shares with us along the rough but, lightly travelled roads. We make good distance and stop when I find a good spot for the night. The beries and game here are so abundant and the surrounds so inviting, i will surely have to mark it for future use. Alex entertains us a with story of his ancient lustings for a lovely elven girl whom brings to mind Mira. We eat and sleep well in watches with only the distant flare of a huge fire to set some of us at unease.

Having decided it more prudent to not investigate the large fire while weary from the road, the morning starts with breakfast and a jaunt to what appears to be a burned out funeral pyre. Murzol’s plodding steps ruin any real chance at sneaking up to the sight and we are quickly thrown into a pitched fight against more lizardmen than we number ourselves. We engage them, Alex and Nizbin casting all sorts of arcane mutterings and the simple foes as I am deeply cut and Eruërthiel follows in after securing the animals. I shake the pain from my eyes and push on against the lesser foes as we eventually drive them into the ground.

We patch-up our wounds and cast the reptiles into their funeral pit before gathering their things including a strange paper list none can decipher. The trail eventually leads us to the river whose crossing looked too rugged for Murzol’s lingering injuries. The search for better crossing led us into the swamp where we come across a wounded lizardman. He also carries a strange list and we are able to learn that the lizards are holding games to settle whom will rule the area. The list seem to tell the rules of collecting humanoid kills to win the Kingship of their tribal society. Learning this and the possible whereabouts of good crossing is tense but, eased by the offer of bandages. He eventually wore out his use to us and was easily dispatched by a near invisible strike of my trusty blade.

By this time, it has gotten late and we are forced to rest in the damp glades, there is some concern about Murzol’s treatment at Nizbin’s hand in such a dank environment but, we split our watches and settle in with no fire to warm us or light the area.

I awake to the thorny embrace of some sort bush creature as lizards set in upon us from the darkeness. Murzol seems to have recovered in the dark hours and moving in on our assailant with Alex and Eruërthiel readying to fight. I am struck again as I struggle to my feet wounded and draw my blade. Nizbin appears not to be moving save from the force of axeblows of the lizardman over him. Again I push past injuries and fight with my allies to whittle down the reptiles and their plant, the blood still trickling from Nizbin as Alex’s magics swirl around us. When the dust settles, we are again victorious but, poor old Nizbin has been motally slain and lays lifeless beside the lizardman who had snuck up and struck him so deeply.

In the mourning, we dispose of our attackers bodies and prepare the gnome’s for travel back to our start. we are not even half way to our goal and many carry wounds. We will see to our fallen friend finding a proper burial. May the road back treat us better.


GM Summary of Events
Session 1

I will do my best each week to try and update the Adventure Log with a brief overview of events. It would be super awesome to see in-character posts from the players as well. One note – please always sign the posts with your character name so it is easy to tell who it is from.

After receiving invitations to Mira’s wedding, you all each individually arrived in Gumir. After being checked by the guards within the city, you were told where to lodge and that there would be a Bachelor Party at the Blind Unicorn that evening. Never much to turn up a party, you all eventually made your way there.

Nizbin enjoyed many of the excesses that were offered that evening as did you all enjoy a bit of schooling in Poker from the Count. The Count seemed to be a very nice, if not foppish fellow who was extremely happy to meet friends of Mira. The Mindless Mauler briefly found himself entangled in a bar brawl, which was quickly set quiet by the Silver tongue of Eruërthiel Smith.

The next day, Bearclaw and Eruerthiel met with Mira, who seemed pleasant and happy to see them, but definitely not her usual roguish self. You all went to the wedding and were shuffled to the end of the line to take a cart. Shortly into the journey to the old church, the cart broke down and you saw a flame tornado and heard a myriad of screams. Rushing to the scene, you found charred bodies and saw a fiery figure dissipate into smoke. You were able to help the one survivor to be healed, who promptly ran off.

Fantasy 8Entering the church, you saw Mira disappear into shadow with a glowing amulet. The fire beast was there as well and disappear just the same without conflict. The Warlord’s men rode up at this time to a brief skirmish before talk began. Deciding to talk and not to flee, Telus decided to believe you were not responsible, at least for the moment. The next day he hired you and you began your investigation. You learned that:

1. Keliok was the goddess of Shadow and Luck, revered by among other things, creatures of the night and shadow
2. Your wagon was tampered with and set to fail
3. You found the healed, naked survivor. He did not seem of much use, other than clearing your name in full with Telus.
4. You were given the name of a man in the Bard’s College to speak with to do more research – Dyrmundi
5. You were the only friends that Mira invited to the wedding.
6. You are now roughly in the employ of Telus Rumen, and answer to one of his lieutenants, Briok.

Eruërthiel and Mira

The day Eruërthiel met Mira was pretty much your cliché fairy tale introduction: a damsel in distress, being chased by “thugs”, who just so happened to run into the much needed “hero”. Eruërthiel happened to be traveling down dark wooded path near a random little settlement in Midchantry, where Mira was caught by a few brutish fellows whom she stole a valuable item from. Of course all Eruërthiel needed to see was a woman in distress to step in and send these men flying through the brush.

Once saved, Mira couldn’t believe an adult in this day and age was actually acting like a childhood hero. At first she thought it was a con, a rival after the same prize. As he walked her down the path, she placed her hand on her hidden dagger ready to strike. Then the skies themselves opened suddenly to let down a heavy rain. Without hesitation Eruërthiel had his cloak off and wrapped around her in an instant. It was then Mira realized he was serious, half-elven, and probably daft.

After a very short while, they became good friends, when she would appear in town, she would always find him. She would light heartedly tease him and push him just enough to get him flustered and blushing. Mira would also always manage to have him in the right spot at the right time where his fighting skills would come handy, he was after all a viable escape route. She never knew why, but Eruërthiel was also excellent at finding the perfect hideouts where people couldn’t find them while things blew over. Even though Mira was constantly getting him in trouble, Eruërthiel enjoyed her company immensely.

Nizbin & Mira: A history

Nizbin and Mira met under some strange circumstances, though maybe not so strange for Edrilyn these days.

Mira had a need for a certain scroll, and through her “contacts” she learned the scroll was in the hands of a wandering Arcanist – a simple, harmless gnome. Smiling to herself that her prize was so easily attainable, she set off and found her quarry snoring soundly in his camp along a well-worn hunter’s path. Alone.

Silly gnomes.

Mira lifted the scroll and went on her way. And that would have been the end of the story, such as it is. However, gnomes never forget. And they even more rarely forgive.

Three years later, when Mira had long forgotten the scroll she stole and later sold to some unknown fence, she was surprised to see the old gnome again. In truth, she didn’t even recognize him at first. He came at night. Her companions appeared confused by illusions. Indeed, though she would never admit it, she was also under the grip of a chaotic barrage of disturbing & confusing images. When the storm quited, the gnome was gone.

When Mira reached the next town, she was surprised again to see the same old gnome enter the tavern, leaning against his staff and waddling towards her.

“Ye don’t have it any longer, do ye lass?” he said as he struggled his way atop the bar stool beside her.

Bemused, Mira said, “What?” But the memory surfaced and she suppressed a grin at the gnome’s tenacity. Three years? THREE?

“Ye know dern well what I’m talkin’ ’bout, lass,” the gnome said. “Where’s my scroll?”

“Oh, that,” she said, attempting to hide her amusement. “Long gone… My apologies.”

The gnome breathed a heavy, time-consuming sigh. Apparently in no rush and not feeling threatened by Mira’s companions, who now surrounded him in a semi-circle, the gnome held up a finger and ordered a drink, shifted his bursting backpack and settled into the oversized barstool.

After waiting for his drink, taking a long draw and wiping his beard with his forearm, he turned towards the elf.

“Who’d ye sell it to?” he asked.

Normally, she’d never reveal any of the workings of her business or contacts. However, the gnome’s visit from the night before and his years-long “chase” worried her. What else was he capable of? Mira learned long ago to never underestimate a potential foe – nor an ally.

“Okay, gnome-” she started.

“Nizbin,” he said. “And ye are Mira of the Lorethir. Now that that’s over with – who has my scroll?”

“Nizbin,” she said, performing an awkward proper gnomish greeting. “I cannot say where the scroll is located at this moment-”

“I ain’t askin’ that,” Nizbin said.

Mira’s friends tensed at Nizbin’s change of tone.

“Right,” she said, smiling. “You are difficult to resist, master gnome.”

Nizbin may or may not have gotten his scroll back. Mira may or may not have lost a little reputation over the deal. But one thing is certain: that night at the tavern wasn’t the last time Mira and Nizbin were seen together.

Bearclaw & Mira

In his work as a guide or smuggler, Bearclaw would pretty often find himself working along side Mira. He made for an excellent scout and could be quiet and martial enough to back her up along a retreat or until help could reach their advance positioning. Everyone around the “Gleaming Tankard” loved when she would be about because of her energy and the tales of the exploits she could share. It was usually challenging and profitable work and her friendly way always made the jobs even more of a treat. Both Mira and Bearclaw suspected Ma of pairing them up out of ulterior matchmaking motives beyond just putting together the best crew for the job. Nothing more than friendship ever flourished but, he counts her among a short list of people due his deepest respect and loyalty.

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