Murzol / The Mindless Mauler

Why does the strongest man in the land need to hide behind a mask?


Attributes and Stats

Male Half-Orc

Agility: d6
Smarts: d4
Strength: d12
Spirit: d6
Vigor: d4

Charisma: -2
Pace: 6
Parry: 6
Toughness: 4
Load Limit: 60


Fighting (Agility) d8
Intimidation (Spirit) d8
Taunt (Smarts) d8
Climbing (Strength) d10
Survival (Smarts) d6


Race: Infravision (Half Attack penalty in Low Light)
Martial Artist (never considered unarmed Defender, + 1d4 on damage rolls for unarmed rolls)
Strong Willed (+2 to Intimidate and Taunt / Use Spirit and Smarts Die in Test of Wills)


Race: Outsider (-2 Charisma)
Wanted (Major)
Illiterate (Minor)
Quirk (Minor)(wears a wrestling mask constantly – real identity (Muzol) is known only to a few people – Performs as “The Mindless Mauler”)

Gear (20/60 encumbrance)

Backpack (wt. 2)
Bed Roll (wt. 4)
Blanket (wt. 4)
Flint and Steel (wt. 1)
Waterskin (wt. 1)
Trail Rations (wt. 5)
Normal Clothing (wt. -)
Performance Costume (wt. 2)
Extra masks (wt. 3)




5XP: 1 Edge


Murzol is a traveling Strongman/Wrestler. He earns money by competing in wrestling competitions and performing at faires and celebrations. He also has been known to take direct challenges in taverns and even in public.

Because of his great strength and experience with wrestling, Murzol has never needed weapons. His fists have always been more than enough.

Being half-orc has always made Murzol an outsider. Orphaned at birth, The only reason he has been tenuously accepted in the community at large has been because of his freakish strength and his usefulness working on farms doing manual labor.

This changed one day when a traveling perfomer and gambler named Silas stumbled upon Murzol delivering farm goods to the market. Watching Murzol throw sacks of flour with one hand that normally needed two men to lift, the inkling of an idea sprung into Silas’s mind.
He began to talk to Murzol and realized that Murzol was very uneducated and knew little of the outside world. To Silas’s surprise, Murzol was actually decent at wrestling. According to Murzol, “Wrestling a man is no different than wrestling a bull. Just smaller horns.”

Silas convinced Murzol over the course of several days that he could make a better living on the road with him than being some farmer’s beast of burden. Silas convinced Murzol to partner with him and travel the land performing feats of strength and wrestling in competitions.

Concerned that his half-orc heritage would be a problem in many towns and villages, Silas convinved Murzol that they needed an angle. He put Murzol in a leather mask and gave him the flashy name “The Mindless Mauler”.

They traveled the countryside and soon word began to spread of this superhuman colossus who can lift more and wrestler harder than anyone.

For a while, life was good. No one knew who Murzol really was or that he was half-orc.

That changed one night while Silas and an unmasked Murzol were eating dinner in a tavern. Several men came up to them and accused Silas of cheating them out of money. Silas of course denied these claims. The situation exploded when one of the men pulled a dagger and stabbed Silas. Enraged at the attack on his friend, Murzol went berserk and ended up killing the assailants with his bare hands as well as smashing up the tavern. Dying from his wounds, Silas told Murzol to flee. Pushing several people out of the way, Murzol fled the tavern.

The local magistrate after hearing eye-witness testimony charged Murzol with the murder of the three men and the murder of Silas with a reward of 500 gold. Townsfolk were heard saying that the murders were not surprising since Murzol had orcish blood flowing in him.

Murzol was now on the run. His partner was dead. Murzol had never been good with money or contracts. He can’t even sign his name. The only silver lining was that the authorites were looking for a half-orc named Murzol. They were not looking for “The Mindless Mauler”. He donned the mask again and started wandering trying to figure out how he was going to survive……

Murzol / The Mindless Mauler

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