Mira K'Larr

Child of Lorethir, Dear Friend and Rogue Extraordinaire


In this world, friends are as valuable as gold, and like gold, you have very few. One such true friend is Mira. A light-hearted elven lass who rarely let the difficult state of affairs affect her mood. Light-hearted she was, but she also possessed light fingers, which in this day and age is a useful skill to possess. She was quick of wit, with a smile that would melt your heart.

It has been some time since you have seen Mira. The adventures that you have gone on with Mira were always fruitful – as if she was a good luck charm, but like the wind, she would breeze into town and out just as quickly. Mira was a free spirit and never bound herself to one place for very long. You learned not to take it personally and simply enjoyed the time together when she was around.

Mira K'Larr

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