Bearclaw's Mother and owner of the Gleaming Tankard


Ma is a warm, stout woman whose earlier beauty still shines through when she grants one of her winning smiles. Despite her years, she remains in good nick and bears the scars and tattoos telling the tale of her past. She tends toward well-made work clothes that compliment her blonde hair but is even still known to throw on the odd piece of armor and pick up a club when the need presents itself.


Pamela Alban turned her wary eye, sharp tongue and warm heart into the tools to raise her up from tavern wench to tavern owner and the key to most underground transit in her area. She is quick to gain friends and as quick to drive out enemies or competition should they decide to threaten all she has built or cared for. A tough and rowdy life in the tavern and the early loss of Tavish’s father Haman have been the forge that made her who she is. She is a doting and hard-driving mother to her son Tavish who she lovingly calls “Bearclaw” after the now famous treats served in the Gleaming Tankard.


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