Eruërthiel Smith

A naïve remnant left in the wake of his god's folly.


Attributes & Info

Male Half-Elf

Agility: d8
Smarts: d4
Spirit: d10
Strength: d8
Vigor: d4

Charisma: -2
Pace: 6
Parry: 7
Toughness: 4
Load Limit: 40


Fighting (Agility): d10
Riding (Agility): d8
Stealth (Agility): d6
Faith (Spirit): d12


RACE: Agility (start with an agility of d6)
RACE: Low Light Vision (Ignore Penalties for Dim/Dark)
Arcane Background (Miracles)
Sweep (Make and attack against all adjacent characters at -2)
New Power (advance 1)


RACE: Outsider (minor) -2 charisma
Heroic (major) has to help those in need
Loyal (minor)
Quirk (minor) Will not make an aggressive move unless he whispers a prayer

Justicar Powers

10 Power Points

Heal (page 114)
Smite (page 116)
Barrier (page 109)


Leather Armor (wt. 15)
Halbred (wt. 15) (reach 1)
Cloak (wt. 3)
Waterskin (wt. 1)
Normal Clothing (wt. -)


5 XP: 1 Edge


Eruërthiel is a young man that has been thrice cursed. His first was being born a half-breed in a world that does not welcome them. Second, he inherited the bloodline of the Justicar, a heritage that is completely persecuted accross the board. Finally, he is completely naïve and innocent of the outside world from being brought up more sheltered than most.

Eruërthiel’s father was a large and kind Justicar that was brought before the Druidic council when Eruërthiel was just a tiny babe. It was said, that despite the harsh treatment and being spat upon, he smiled the entire way. He was even said to attempt healing people while on the way to his death, despite being lashed for every stop. Shortly after, Eruërthiel was abandoned by his mother and left in the care of the Justicars. The only thing she left for him was a large dark green cloak that he would eventually grow into.

Eruërthiel was told many great stories about his father, all of the grandeur and selflessness had inspired him to be just, patient hero, just like his father. He would simply be told that his beautiful Elvish mother had left because she was so stricken with grief over her beloved’s death. What Eruërthiel doesn’t know, is that in reality she was the one who turned him in for being Justicar to the Druidic council, and unable to turn in her own son, left him behind.

Eruërthiel grew fast, a bigger stature then some expected, and exceled at his Justicar training. His choice of weapon became the halberd which he can wield as nimbly as a fine sword. His high spirit and blind faith made him very adept for using the gifts bestowed upon his bloodline from Rallyn. Eruërthiel tries to always wear a smile on his face and tends to see everything through rose coloured glasses. He has no idea how the world can really turn its back you as he will venture out in to it. Will he be able to stay steadfast in his beliefs and innocence?

Eruërthiel Smith

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