Count Istis Rumen

Son of The Southern Brynfarthing Warlord, Telus Rumen - DECEASED


Betrothed to your dear friend, Mira, this young “lordling” has grown accustomed to calling himself “Count Rumen” despite the fact that he is not actually royalty. There is no more royalty in Brynfarthing, but the closest thing to it is being the son of a warlord.

Istis runs the ruined city of Gumir for his father, Telus Rumen. Many in Gumir consider him little more than a child playing a game he does not understand, but out of fear and respect for his father, heed his will.

Count Rumen is not necessarily disliked by the people of Gumir despite his inexperience and young age. Those who know him or have had dealings with him have actually found him to be quite charming and pleasant. His father admitted and your suspicions are that before Mira, he found more interest in men than women.

Count Istis Rumen

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