GM Summary of Events

Session 1

I will do my best each week to try and update the Adventure Log with a brief overview of events. It would be super awesome to see in-character posts from the players as well. One note – please always sign the posts with your character name so it is easy to tell who it is from.

After receiving invitations to Mira’s wedding, you all each individually arrived in Gumir. After being checked by the guards within the city, you were told where to lodge and that there would be a Bachelor Party at the Blind Unicorn that evening. Never much to turn up a party, you all eventually made your way there.

Nizbin enjoyed many of the excesses that were offered that evening as did you all enjoy a bit of schooling in Poker from the Count. The Count seemed to be a very nice, if not foppish fellow who was extremely happy to meet friends of Mira. The Mindless Mauler briefly found himself entangled in a bar brawl, which was quickly set quiet by the Silver tongue of Eruërthiel Smith.

The next day, Bearclaw and Eruerthiel met with Mira, who seemed pleasant and happy to see them, but definitely not her usual roguish self. You all went to the wedding and were shuffled to the end of the line to take a cart. Shortly into the journey to the old church, the cart broke down and you saw a flame tornado and heard a myriad of screams. Rushing to the scene, you found charred bodies and saw a fiery figure dissipate into smoke. You were able to help the one survivor to be healed, who promptly ran off.

Fantasy 8Entering the church, you saw Mira disappear into shadow with a glowing amulet. The fire beast was there as well and disappear just the same without conflict. The Warlord’s men rode up at this time to a brief skirmish before talk began. Deciding to talk and not to flee, Telus decided to believe you were not responsible, at least for the moment. The next day he hired you and you began your investigation. You learned that:

1. Keliok was the goddess of Shadow and Luck, revered by among other things, creatures of the night and shadow
2. Your wagon was tampered with and set to fail
3. You found the healed, naked survivor. He did not seem of much use, other than clearing your name in full with Telus.
4. You were given the name of a man in the Bard’s College to speak with to do more research – Dyrmundi
5. You were the only friends that Mira invited to the wedding.
6. You are now roughly in the employ of Telus Rumen, and answer to one of his lieutenants, Briok.



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