Eyildir's Journal - 9/9/12

We rescued the mayor’s daughter.

After seeing the bandits react to the “real” Bearclaw, Mauler et al – a plan formed in my mind. It was something I read from when the Valkyrie Hyrime tricked the frost giant clan Bloodwinter. Well, perhaps not exactly the same (Hyrime used stilts and yak hides… many, many yak hides), but you get the idea.

After combating a patrol where I guess the old man called down lightning. I thought it was me at first, but I didn’t feel anything like before. It must have been the old man – he is a wizard, most likely. Very confusing.


We sent EruĂ«rthiel, Bearclaw and the Mauler into the cave as themselves – with a warning about the incoming druid. In the chaos they collected the mayor’s daughter and fled to where we were waiting. Apparently it didn’t go too smoothly, as several of them were injured. The mauler even appeared to suffer a headwound which made him delirious.

After returning Mary to town, the imposters were executed, our new “friends” were completely cleared of any crimes. Mary wanted to leave her home since there was nothing left for her. I shall take her under my wing and teach her the proper ways of combat. If she is to travel, she must know how to handle a sword, axe and armor.



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