Eyildir's Journal - 8/26/12

Trying to goad the dwarf into a worthwhile argument is akin to ice-skating uphill. He just isn’t as hot-headed as my brothers – now they were always good for a rife tussle of words and fists (if we got really animated).

Anyway, I convinced the dwarf to go through the swamp on our way north just to get a rise out of him. To my dismay, he didn’t care which route we took… and he even seemed intrigued by the trek thru the dingy marsh.

We quickly discovered that the swamp was alive with angry, ambitious lizardmen hunting anything without scales. Needless to say, we quickened our pace north. That’s when we came across a battered group of travelers much in the same predicament.

Strength in numbers led us to join forces and leave the accursed marsh at our backs. Heilen “Wound Mender” reached into his pockets to bribe a group of lizard men on our way out – the warlord’s employ was certainly good to the both of us while it lasted.

Anyway, we made our way to a hamlet where Murzol / The Mindless Mauler, Nizbin, EruĂ«rthiel Smith and Bearclaw were implicated in a slew of serious crimes upon the town. While Heilen “Wound Mender” was quick to jump to their defense (as he always does), I cautioned him that the townsfolk should be taken seriously – we had just met the group, after all. Who knows what secrets they held?

Well, the frost giant’s breath was on our necks, as it were, as a driud strolled into town to put them all on trial. Not wanting to get on the wrong side of a druid’s wrath, I offered my assistance to unearthing the truth of things.

After a fire lit by what appeared to be imposters, we chased down the culprits into the forest and defeated them soundly. Luckily, 2 survived for questioning. I’m sure Bearclaw and the rest would want to learn why someone would go to so much trouble to frame them in some tiny, out-of-the-way hamlet. Strange.

The imposters seemed to be operating from a cave nearby and we are off to potentially save the dead mayor’s daughter. If I’m to take what I’m reading seriously, I should help an innocent in need – so off I go. Again. Hopefully it ends better than the last daughter of note I attempted to rescue from evil men.



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