Eruërthiel's Attempt at Journelling

After resting from the whole bandit incident, we were finally able to put Nizbin to rest. Alas, there was no time to grieve before we had to be on the move again, we had to reach the next port city to catch a boat to the Bardic College. We must find Mira, and save her from what ever trouble she has gotten herself into!

Upon entering the plains, Bearclaw caught site of lights moving along in the dark. We ignored it till the next night, when upon investigation we realized these fiery creatures were watching us. One had gotten close to camp in the middle of the night, and I chased in pursuit calling my horse, Philly, from the camp to quickly catch up with it, who had escaped into the river by boat. I was able to stall him enough to let the others catch up, but in doing so I am yet again risking letting this group of strangers know what I really am…

Mauler, after battling with what seemed like his first swim, rendered the boat unusable with his fist. Bearclaw was able to pull the boat in and we captured this man with strange powers of fire. Alex proceeded the interrogation when the man became conscious. He is some zealot for some creature named Zanafear, possibly one of these ancient elementals from fairy tales of before the gods. Mauler decided to break this man’s leg, thinking he would talk more freely, I felt it a bit unnecessary… He did then speak also of a dark mistress, whom he could not really describe, but they [his cult] also take orders from as she is close with Zanafear. After that he just kept speaking nonsense about burning the world down. Alex made the decision to silence him… What is Mira involved in? Who is this dark mistress and Zanafear?! I hope Mira is ok and that we can rescue her..

We finally made it to the port town, where we picked up some supplies and rest. The next day Alex ran into an old friend and i managed to pick up a supposed enchanted dagger. The poor black smith must have been in some hard times to tell such a story, but he was such a nice gentleman. We then caught a boat and made it fairly quickly to the city of the Bardic College. We ran into a bard at the tavern we stayed at. He was acquainted with Nizbin, and told us of his son and his goals… I had never known about Nizbin’s son. Alex highered the bard to make a song in memorial for Nizbin, and he offered to take us to Dermunde tomorrow, where maybe we can finally start placing this puzzle together.



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