Eruërthiel and Mira

The day Eruërthiel met Mira was pretty much your cliché fairy tale introduction: a damsel in distress, being chased by “thugs”, who just so happened to run into the much needed “hero”. Eruërthiel happened to be traveling down dark wooded path near a random little settlement in Midchantry, where Mira was caught by a few brutish fellows whom she stole a valuable item from. Of course all Eruërthiel needed to see was a woman in distress to step in and send these men flying through the brush.

Once saved, Mira couldn’t believe an adult in this day and age was actually acting like a childhood hero. At first she thought it was a con, a rival after the same prize. As he walked her down the path, she placed her hand on her hidden dagger ready to strike. Then the skies themselves opened suddenly to let down a heavy rain. Without hesitation Eruërthiel had his cloak off and wrapped around her in an instant. It was then Mira realized he was serious, half-elven, and probably daft.

After a very short while, they became good friends, when she would appear in town, she would always find him. She would light heartedly tease him and push him just enough to get him flustered and blushing. Mira would also always manage to have him in the right spot at the right time where his fighting skills would come handy, he was after all a viable escape route. She never knew why, but Eruërthiel was also excellent at finding the perfect hideouts where people couldn’t find them while things blew over. Even though Mira was constantly getting him in trouble, Eruërthiel enjoyed her company immensely.



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